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1.  The Employer is committed to provide and maintain safe and healthful working conditions for employees in accordance with the following laws, rules and regulations:

a.  The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (P.L. 91596);

b.  Executive Order 12196, Occupational Safety and Health Programs for Federal Employees;

c.  Department of Labor Regulations on Federal Employee Occupational Safety and Health Program (29 CFR 1960);

d.  Occupational Safety and Health General Industrial Standards and Interpretations (29 CFR 1910); and

e.  6 FAM 610.


a.  The Employer will appropriately designate a Safety and Health Officer and a Unit Security Officer at each major duty station. The Employer will publicize the names of the designated Safety and Health and Unit Security Officers.

b.  The Union through its designated representative may request periodic meetings with the Safety and Health Officer and Unit Security Officer to discuss general matters of safety and health and security concern. At the periodic meetings or at any other time, the designated Union representative may recommend to the Employer:

(1) Procedures for the Employer's consideration for use in emergency evacuation;

(2) Improvements in the workplace, equipment or procedures that will reduce or eliminate risks of accidents or injuries;

(3) Improved methods or approaches to skill training that may result in greater safety to employee(s), thereby increasing efficiency and morale; and

(4) Procedures to improve the physical and personal safety of employees.

c.  The Safety and Health and Unit Security Officers will advise the Regional or Office Director of problems raised in their periodic discussions with the designated Union representatives.

3.  The Employer shall encourage employees to work safely and to report any unsafe or unhealthful conditions to the employee's immediate supervisor.

4.  SAFETY INSPECTIONS: The Employer shall conduct an annual safety inspection of all areas occupied by unit employees, and a designated Union representative shall have the right to participate in the inspection on official time.  When safety inspections are made pursuant to OSHA or other statutes, or Departmental regulations in areas where unit employees work, the Union will be notified and a Union representative may accompany the inspector or inspecting team. The Employer agrees to provide the Union with a copy of all reports of safety inspections. Upon request, the Employer agrees to provide the Union statistical summaries of accident reports.

5.  EMPLOYEE RIGHTS: The employee has the right:

a.  To have access to copies of the Department's safety standards and injury and illness statistics;

b.  To comment on occupational safety and health standards which the Employer follows or proposes;


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