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1.  The Employer recognizes alcoholism, drug abuse and other medical/behavior problems as treatable illnesses. The employer recognizes that such problems may adversely affect an employee's job performance or conduct. Employees having these illnesses will receive the same careful consideration and assistance that is extended to employees having any other illness or health problem. The Employer will attempt to provide qualified employees with reasonable accommodation to overcome problems which have contributed to poor performance or conduct.

2.  Employer representatives shall maintain contacts with the local federally sponsored health facility, to which employees who request assistance can be referred. In locations where no federally sponsored health facility is readily available, the Employer representative will refer employees who request assistance to local community mental health and/or alcohol and drug abuse treatment facilities, and for this purpose will maintain an up to date listing of such facilities. The Employer shall publicize the availability of the Employer representative to provide these referrals.

3.  An employee who wishes to request referral assistance may bring a Union representative to the initial discussion with the Employer representative.

4.  No employee will have his/her job security or promotion opportunities jeopardized by his/her request for referral assistance, except as permitted by applicable law. In cases where an employee has sought professional help, the supervisor shall consider the professional's timely opinion regarding the employee's prospects of rehabilitation before taking action to discipline or terminate that employee.

5.  Supervisors should not attempt to diagnose an illness, or counsel the troubled employee about an illness, unless the employee asks for the supervisor's personal assistance.

6. Supervisors should encourage and support any employee's attempt at rehabilitation, including the granting of leave in accordance with applicable regulations, for the purpose of undergoing rehabilitative treatment.

7. CONFIDENTIALITY:  The confidential nature of records of employees with medical/behavioral problems shall be maintained. Such records, and information about the employee's participation in a counseling or rehabilitation program, will be released only in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

8. The Employer will encourage the Office of Medical Services to arrange a meeting/training session on an annual basis.  The Employer will post information about the Employee Assistance Program and assurances of confidentiality for participants on official bulletin boards.  


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