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1. It shall be the policy of the Employer to inform the Union of reviews and studies of Passport Agency functions that could be expected to impact the continued employment of bargaining unit members

2.  The Employer agrees to furnish the Union with a copy of, and, upon written request, brief the Union on, schedules concerning contracting out studies, including those published in the Commerce Business Daily or the Federal Register that would impact Unit employees. Should any of these schedules be revised, copies of the changes will also be provided.

3. The Employer agrees to furnish the Union with results of reviews and will provide available data that would impact unit employees.  The Union will be notified at least 30 days prior to the beginning of a cost comparison study for contracting out that may affect employees, with management agreeing to consider timely input from the Union regarding how work and materials could be more efficiently accomplished or utilized.  

4.  The Union may request copies of any relevant and pertinent data in connection with the implementation of A-76. After review of any such written request, the Employer will provide the Union with the desired information, as appropriate under law and other controlling governmentwide regulations.

5.  The Employer will provide progress reports to the Union regarding the status of A-76 initiatives during regular Union/Management Council conference calls.

       6.  The Union may assist employees and the Employer in preparing performance work statements (PWS) and review and make suggestions on all PWS’s prior to bid openings.

7.  At the time the Employer announces the results of any cost comparison concerning work normally performed by unit employees, the Union will be notified. Copies of the relevant analysis and pertinent documentation will be provided to the Union upon written request.

       8.  When the Employer determines that work will be contracted out that is being performed by bargaining unit employees, the Employer will notify the Union.  The Union may request negotiations as appropriate.

9.  The Employer recognizes the "right of first refusal" that provides that the contractor will grant those Federal employees displaced by direct result of such contract the right of first refusal of employment openings created by the contractor except when provided by law or government-wide regulation.

10.  Bargaining unit employees will not be under the supervision of a person who is not an employee of the federal government.

11.  The Agency agrees to follow the reduction in force (RIF) procedures provided in this agreement and applicable regulations where employees are to be separated from service.  Employees may use statutory appeals procedures to appeal any RIF action.

12. The Employer will exert maximum effort to assist employees in finding suitable employment for any displaced employees affected by contracting out decisions.

13. The Parties recognize that on July 21, 2000 the Department of State’s Office of Legal Adviser reaffirmed its 1992 determination that the adjudication of claims of citizenship and nationality is an inherently governmental function.


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