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1.  The Employer and the Union jointly recognize the desirability of maintaining the stability of employment for employees.

2.  The Employer, recognizing the Union's interest in protecting and representing employees, will give the Union advance notice and an opportunity to negotiate on the impact and procedures to be used in a RIF, and keep the Union informed of RIF developments. Such notification shall be in writing and provided to the Union prior to any official notification to employees.

3.  The Employer will notify the Union of a proposed RIF at least fortyfive (45) days before the proposed effective date. At that time, the Employer will advise the Union of the reason for the reductioninforce and/or transfer of function, the number, title, series, and grades of employees affected, and the measures being considered at that time by the Employer to reduce the adverse impact on employees.

4.  The Employer will give affected employees as much advance notice of reductioninforce and/or other transfer of function as is administratively feasible (in most cases 60, but in no case fewer than 30 days). Notice to employees shall comply with governing OPM regulations and shall contain the employees’ grievance and appeal rights.

5.  The Employer agrees to make retention registers and other RIF and transfer of function documents available to the affected employee(s) and his/her representative.

6.  In an effort to provide assistance to affected employees, the Employer agrees to maintain a Career Transition Assistance Program consistent with OPM regulations. The purpose of this program is to help place present and former career or careerconditional employees who have been displaced or who are scheduled to be displaced from their positions.

7.  The Union and the Employer will jointly encourage each employee to see that his/her personnel file and SF171 are uptodate as soon as the RIF transfer of function is announced. The Employer will add to the personnel file appropriate changes or amendments requested by the employee. Both the personnel file and SF171 will be used to match employees with vacancies and other positions. Employees possessing skills in more than one area will be considered for positions in such areas.

8.  In the event career or careerconditional unit employees are being separated as a result of a reductionin force or reorganization, the Employer will establish a Career Transition Assistance Program. The primary aim of the program will be to assist in finding continuing Federal employment for affected employees.

9.  The Employer will review the folders of employees being separated to identify the specific grades and series of positions for which the employees qualify and obtain the desires of employees affected in order to develop the best opportunities for continued employment. The Union, with the employee's permission, may review the above folders.

10.  An eligible employee may participate in the program unless he/she accepts a nontemporary position or declines an offer of a nontemporary position with a representative rate the same as, or higher than, the position from which he or she was separated. In order to be considered a valid offer, such position must be within the employee's commuting area or another geographic location in which the employee has expressed a written interest.


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