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Appendix A – Flexiplace Agreement

As a flexiplace participant, I will adhere to the following procedures.  I understand that failing to do so will disqualify me from participation in the flexiplace program.


All applications must be transported locked in the container provided by the agency.


Applications must be transported by personally owned vehicle or taxicab at employee’s expense.  Use of all other public transportation is prohibited.


The applications must be placed in the trunk, or out of the field of vision from outside the vehicle, and taken directly to the employee’s residence.


The Adjudication Manager or a designated supervisor will log applications out of the agency, and back into the agency on a transmittal sheet.


All applications must be returned to the agency the day following the flexiplace day.  No annual or sick leave will be approved for an employee holding applications at home except under extreme circumstances, such as a family emergency, a death in the family or a serious accident or illness.  Under an extreme circumstance such as those listed, it is expected that the applications will be returned to the agency as soon as possible.  If emergency leave is required more than once, management reserves the right to suspend an employee from the program at management’s discretion.


All applications used will be routine Lockbox.


Senior agency staff will audit a percentage of the work completed at home.


Each specialist will take home a daily quota of applications and will be expected to complete all cases.


In the event of a robbery the employee must notify the local police and the Agency Regional Director’s Office as soon as possible.


If a document or application is lost among flexiplace work, management reserves the right to suspend the employee, who logged the applications out, from the flexiplace program.  The employee’s reinstatement to the program will be at the discretion of the Regional Director.


The “Flexiplace Days” will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The Adjudication Manager will maintain an equitable schedule for participants.


All participants must sign this agreement prior to taking applications home.



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