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8.  NAME PLATES: All employees who are expected to deal with the public will be provided a name plate by the Employer.  The employees' nameplates must be displayed at the workstation.  Employees within each agency will by a majority agree on uniform wording for the nameplates in that agency.

9.  ACCESS TO INFORMATION: Upon written request, employees will be given the opportunity to review State Department and Employer directives and regulations. The employee may be given time during the workday to review these regulations and directives. On written request, the Employer will provide copies of directives and regulations not locally available. In addition, when a written request is imprecise in its request for information, the Employer agrees to help an employee identify and find a specific law, rule, regulation or directive.

10.  Employees have the right to discuss their problems with the Personnel Office, Equal Employment Office or Counselor, Union representative, Employee Assistance Office, and/or a person designated to provide guidance on questions of conflict of interest in accordance with established procedures in this agreement and when timing is acceptable to their supervisor.

11.  Employees are entitled to a reasonable amount of official time whenever discussing, preparing, or filing complaints, and when meeting with Union representatives or management representatives concerning any complaint or working condition of the Employer.

12.  Permission must be obtained from the immediate supervisor and arrangements made with the Regional Director/office Director before the employee leaves the workstation. Normally an employee will be released as soon as possible when requested unless work conditions require his/her presence on the job. When release cannot be accomplished immediately, the employee will be released as soon as possible. An employee not on duty need only make arrangement with the Regional Director/ Office Director.

13.  PERSONNEL OFFICE: The Personnel Office is committed to providing prompt and courteous human resource service to all program areas and to all employees within the Bureau of Consular Affairs.

a.  The employee will have confidential access to a personnel specialist.  The name and phone number for the Agency's servicing personnel specialist shall be posted in a prominent location.

b.  The Employer agrees it is desirable to have representatives from the servicing personnel office visit regional offices annually to provide information, answer questions on personnel issues and perform other responsibilities.  Such visits will be made based upon need, funding, and resources.

c.  Promotions, awards, and personnel actions will be processed in a timely manner.  

d.  The Personnel Office will ensure that all personnel actions and errors in personnel or payroll matters are processed or corrected as soon as possible after the employee brings them to the attention of the supervisor, the Regional/Office Director, or the assigned Human Resource Specialist. Action will normally be completed within two (2) pay periods, unless otherwise specified within this Agreement, law, or government-wide regulation.  Within-grade increases will be effective within one pay period after the eligible date for those employees who have met the eligibility requirements.  

14.  RELOCATION: An employee may request relocation in writing at any time. The request must be submitted to the Regional or Office Director stating the specific reasons for the request and the office or Agency to which the employee would like to be assigned. The Employer will consider the request and will provide a written response within 30 days of receipt. If the Employer rejects the request, the reasons for rejection will be given.

It is understood that a negative decision on a relocation request may not be grieved unless there is an allegation that the Employer has violated this Agreement or a published law, rule or regulation.

15.  CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Employees will normally not be admonished, counseled or given verbal warnings except in a setting that protects an individuals' dignity and confidentiality. It is recognized, however, that in some instances the corrective action must be given immediately, onthesite where the improper behavior occurred.


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