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16.  RECORD RETENTION: Employees will receive copies of all documents placed in their official personnel files and in the administrative files maintained on employees by management at the local level. Records will not be retained longer than the period prescribed by Government wide or Agency regulations. Copies of employee records will be provided to employees upon request and where permitted by regulations.

17.  TESTIFYING: When an employee is requested to testify in his/her official capacity on behalf of the Government, the Employer will determine the appropriate response to the request. If an employee is directed to testify, the Employer will ensure that the employee, to the extent possible, will receive all necessary cash advances and transportation arrangements prior to the commencement of travel.

18.  EMPLOYEE REPORTS: Employees working with the public may request time away from the public area if the employee has been threatened either verbally or physically by an applicant.  The supervisor will evaluate the situation and allow the employee time away from the public area when it appears helpful and when the work requirements permit. The employee will be given time to prepare a report of the incident and present it to the immediate supervisor.

19.  REPLACEMENT PAY: In the event that the employee fails to receive pay on the established payday or electronic transfer of funds (EFT) has not been effected, the employee will immediately notify the supervisor and the Employer will immediately notify Consolidated American Payroll. The Employer will make every effort to ensure that the employee is issued pay as soon as possible. Further, in the event of lost or stolen paychecks, the employee must immediately notify the Employer in writing detailing the facts and requesting a replacement paycheck.

20.  CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Where a conflict exists between an employee and his/her supervisor and the employee and supervisor have tried to resolve the conflict, the employee may request the assistance and intervention of the next higher level of supervision/management.  The Employer will thoroughly explore all factors related to the conflict and attempt to achieve a satisfactory working arrangement between the employee and supervisor.  The parties agree that such meetings between the employee and one supervisor/management official will not be considered a formal meeting unless there is an impact on other employees (see Article 7, Section 4).  


a.  Employees may use office equipment if it involves negligible additional expense to the government – such as electricity, ink, small amounts of paper, and wear-and-tear.  Supervisors should be consulted if there is any question over whether such use is in fact “negligible” or “small”.  

b.  Employees are authorized to make limited personal local telephone/fax calls and calls that are charged to non-government accounts (e.g., personal telephone credit cards).

c.  All employees shall have access to an e-mail and voice-mail account, where the office has such facilities.

d.  Employees shall be allowed Internet and Passport Services Intranet access, where available.

e.  Use of all of the above equipment and services must not interfere with official business.  Personal use must generally be restricted to personal time.

22. LUNCHROOM: Management will attempt to secure space in the work place that can be used for employee meals and breaks. Such space will be located in an area that is accessible to all unit employees. The area should be of sufficient size and furnished to accommodate the work force in that location.

23. PAST PRACTICES: Where established working conditions or past practices relating to conditions of employment exist that are not in conflict with this agreement or its amendments, the conditions or practices may be continued until either party pursues and accomplishes changes through procedures that conform to legal and regulatory requirements.


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