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Goal:Students will demonstrate the basic computer skills necessary to function in a technological world.

To measure the goal, the following objective was set:  

Objective:80% of students enrolling in of CIS 110 or CIS 111 will score a 70% or higher on the combined scores for the first two in-course exams, though in this assessment only CIS 110 classes were examined.

The CIS faculty determined that basic computer skills involved the following computer operations:

start and shut down

using Windows OS

how to work with desktop

(Windows - sizing/moving, opening/closing icons & menus

how to format a disk

file copying/deleting/moving

how to create folders

start/close applications

use word processing/spreadsheets

terminology (hardware and software)

computer components

All degree-seeking students must take either CIS 110 (college transfer programs) or CIS 111 (applied science programs).  CIS110 requires that students pass 5 exams and CIS111 requires 4 exams.  For CIS110 four of these exams are 60% written testing and 40% hands-on, skill-based testing and in CIS111 three of the exams are 60% to 40%.  Of the two tests used in this assessment test one is written testing only and test two is both written and skill-based. The CIS faculty determined that "demonstrating basic computer skills" would be satisfied by the percentage of students who complete the written testing for the first two exams in the course.  Students who do not want to take CIS 110 or CIS 111 have the option of taking a placement test provided through the IT Department. Only about 20% of students pass this placement test.  The remainder must enroll in CIS 110 or CIS 111.  Enrollment in these courses is very heavy.  During the Fall 2004 term, the following numbers enrolled in each course.

TermNumber of SectionsNumber EnrolledCourse and Number

Fall 2004541,571CIS 110

Fall 200427   556CIS 111

CIS faculty agreed to report the scores from a randomly selected number of courses annually to the General Education Committee.   

During the Fall Semester 2004, 7 sections of CIS 110 were selected and scores on the first two exams were analyzed.  Assessment results were as follows:

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