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General Education Goal Area: Behavioral and Social Sciences

Goal:Students will demonstrate an understanding of the influence of

the individual on group behavior and, conversely, the influence

                       of the group on the individual.


Social and behavioral sciences include history, political science, sociology psychology, and anthropology. Students are allowed to make multiple selections from an array of courses in each area. Through an analysis of enrollment trends, it was found that the majority of students selected History 131 (American History), Psychology 150 (General Psychology) and Sociology 210 (Introduction to Sociology) to fulfill their social science course requirements. The following objective was set for each area:

Seventy percent (70%) of students will score:

6 or better on history essay

7 or better on the psychology multiple choice test

2 or better on the sociology review question (based on a grading rubric)

Enrollment in selected courses in the Fall 2004 were as follows:

TermNumber of SectionsNumber EnrolledCourse and Number

Fall 200418      478HIS 131

Fall 2004281,152PSY 150

Fall 200423   686SOC 210

American History

The American History I assessment was given to a random selection of sections from American History, sections 02, 03, 05, 06, 09, 85, and 87.  A total number of 89 students responded to an essay prompt based on the stated goal:

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the influence of the individual on

group behavior and conversely, the influence of the group on the individual.

HIS 131 instructors created the following assignment:

(Directions to students)

Choose from the list below an individual and group (or movement) and explain the impact of the individual on the group/movement and indicate what influence the group/movement had on the individual.  Write a well-composed essay-style response including specific historical facts.

Anne Hutchinson – Puritans

Jonathan Edwards – Great Awakening

Thomas Jefferson – Democratic-Republican Party

Alexander Hamilton – Federalist Party

Andrew Jackson – Jacksonian Democracy

Frederick Douglass – abolitionism

William Lloyd Garrison – abolitionism

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