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General Education Goal Area:Reading

Goal Statement: Students will demonstrate the ability to obtain meaning

from printed, electronic, and graphical resources.

The Reading Goal was designed to ensure that each student meets a minimal level of competence in reading comprehension skills.  For this reason, faculty set the following objective:

Objective:70% of students will meet minimal objective for competence in reading comprehension skills

Means of assessment:  70% of students will receive at least a score of 80 or better on a cumulative final exam.

A CPT Reading Placement test score of 80 or above is considered competent in reading.   However, students who do not complete the reading placement test with a score of 80 or above are required to take one (or a series of) reading course(s) before they are allowed to progress to English 111.  Students in this group (referred to developmental courses) will require further testing to determine competency in reading.  In the Fall 2004, reading placement tests were on file for 10,887 curriculum students with the following results and course referrals:

Number                Placement test scores                Referral to course enrollment

   303 (2.78%)      less than 34                               ABE (adult basic literacy)

1,326 (12.18%)    between 34 and 56                    RED 080 (developmental)

3,186 (29.26%)    between 57 and 79                    RED 090 (developmental)

6,072 (55.77%)    80 or above (college level)        ENG 111 (required college-level)

10,887  TOTAL

In order to measure objectives and student outcomes, faculty administered and recorded results for a cumulative final exam during the fall semester of 2004. The exam content consisted of specific reading skills that are taught in the RED 090 course.  They are as follows: reading and study strategies, vocabulary skills, inference, annotating, outlining, note taking, mapping, main idea skills and graphic illustrations. The exam consisted of both open-ended and scantron graded items.

Reading 090 is course selected for testing purposes because it is the last developmental course before students enter college-level coursework.  In the Fall 2004, the following numbers of students enrolled in Reading 090:

TermNumber of SectionsNumber EnrolledCourse and Number

Fall 200440   773RED 090

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