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Two former Students Praise Mr. Burr

Studying Latin with Mr. Burr was always an exciting experience. He was always enthusiastic about the language, and when we were translating the first Ca- tilinarian, he made Cicero more accessible. It was possible to see the trial through the Latin (something that I was having diffi- culty doing!). Although I took German my senior year of high school, I was in another class with Mr. Burr, and he was constantly reminding me that I should be in Latin instead. He was right, and although I mi- nored in German in college, I majored in Classics. Because of his enthusiasm and encouragement, I continued with Latin, and the major led me to a teaching job, which led me to my current position of getting an MAT in Foreign Language Edu- cation and preparing to teach high school Latin. Mr. Burr both encouraged me to pursue Latin and served as a model for how one should teach Latin. He is one of my favorite teachers of both language and history to this day, and his presence (and Latin program) will be greatly missed at

Bettendorf High School. Amanda Barrett is completing an MAT in Latin at the Univ. of Iowa.

Let me begin with the obvious: all of my skill with Latin and zeal for Antiquity can be traced to Patrick Burr. Few of the Classicists I know, and I know a fair num- ber of them, have as firm a grounding in the fundamentals as I do, thanks to his rigorous methods. A few years ago I stum- bled across some old papers from high school and was amazed by how tough his assignments and tests were. Good old rote

memorization. I thank him for that. The Latin, however, is just the beginning of his influence on my life. For an awkward, unathletic teenager in high school Mr. Burr's classes were a haven, where intelli- gence was valued and intellectual curiosity was nurtured. This haven extended to the Philosophy Club sessions he held after school. These are my fondest memories of high school. Mr. Burr's quick mind, sharp wit, and constant questioning established a model of active scholarship and lively teaching that I continue to follow today. I truly believe that he made me the academic I have become. I'd be remiss not to men- tion his sense of humor also. I will always remember the Fickle Finger of Fate that we all dreaded. His classes engendered a real sense of camaraderie and pride in his stu- dents. I still feel that pride today. Ave atque vale, Magister Burr, domine optime. Gratias tibi maximas ago.

Dave Oosterhuis is completing his dissertation at the University of Minnesota.

Dowling Students Thank Mrs. Campbell

When I signed up for Latin as an 8th grader I never imagined how great of an experience it was going to be. Thank you for all that you do for our class, and for all that you have taught us! You will be greatly missed in the halls of Dowling. Maria Critelli

I couldn’t imagine myself learning this ancient and beautiful language from anyone else. I am a Latin Scholar, and I thank you for that. Take it easy for the next few years because you’ve earned it. The future looks bright for us, and you helped pave the road. Thank you. Ago tibi gratias! Gregorius

Mrs. Campbell is a very caring person and a wonderful teacher. She always tries to connect what we are learning with something in the real world, or she will tell a story of her personal experiences so that we will better understand the concept. Mrs. Campbell keeps class fun and inter- esting by using different activities to teach her students. Her experiences from all her

traveling and her years of education are a great asset to our Latin class. She knows when to have fun and when to be serious, and that allows us to enjoy class while learning as much as possible every day. I am glad that I have had the opportunity to have her as a teacher, and I am glad that although she is retiring she is coming back next year to teach us again. Rachael Bordelon

Not only is Latin the best subject in the whole school, and quite possibly the whole world, but Mrs. Campbell teaches it with a unique approach that makes learn- ing fun. Also, she has the coolest last name in the earth. Plus, Latin has some awesome students in it. Thanks, Mrs. Campbell! Ago tibi gratias! John Campbell

Thank you for teaching us Latin. I am both happy and sad for your retirement. I am happy that you can now enjoy yourself with more free time. I am sad that you are retiring because Dowling Catholic will be losing a great teacher and subject. I am sorry my little brother won’t get to study Latin. I hope you enjoy a wonderful retirement. Maybe you will get to go to Alaska, or Poland, or visit- Donavon your Grandbaby! Enjoy yourself! Joseph Formanek Maxims Thank you Mrs. Campbell for your hard work and dedication to teaching us. I’ve enjoyed our class. Jenny Kautcky I have had a lot of fun studying Latin with you. You know a lot about Latin, and you always have interesting stories. You also think of very enrich- ing project ideas that are pain- ful before they’re done but very nice when finished! Thank you for all you’ve done for our class! Katelynn Bishop Plant a seed in your students’ minds and watch it grow!

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