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Thank you, Pat, Vicki, and Mary Ann. To para- phrase the poet Horace, You have made an im- pact more lasting than bronze. Exegi[istis] monumentum aere perennius.

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Mary Ann Harness: One major en- deavor by my classes of which I am so proud is the translation of the Inaugural Ad- dresses of both the first President Bush and President Clinton. It was certainly a tremen- dous learning experience, and I believe the translations may still be in Washington, D.C. I am also proud that the Latin program grew from that of two years of Latin to four and that I leave it healthy. Next year the total number of students is 72, which in- cludes two Latin I classes. AMICI has given me the opportunity for personal rela- tionships as well as support. I will always be grateful for the letters written on my behalf and for the program at Valley High School. The years have brought many personal re- wards, and I can only hope that I have made a difference in a child's life in some way.

Anything else?

Pat Burr: You are probably regretting asking these questions by now. Ha. I may have discovered Latin by accident of


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circumstance, but I have never regretted the pursuit of the language. As a philosopher I constantly encourage my students to "discover the basic ideas about life, the uni- verse and everything" as Douglas Adams so stated in his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

I have tried to illustrate and to impress upon my students the value of Latin as ba- sic. Maybe it doesn't answer all the ques- tions, but it provides a tool for systematic analysis of language by which we attempt to communicate clearly and convincingly.

Looking back on 41 years of teaching Latin, what comes to mind? I envy Zeus/ Jupiter in their immortality. I extended my career a year because I could not quit! If it was not for all the additional responsibilities imposed upon me by politicians and admini- strations, if I could do what I love and do best, Teach, I would go on forever, but I am looking forward to walking away from edu- cation in June. Next August, for the first time in 61 years, I will not start school. How will I handle it? I don't know!

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