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findings and initiatives sometimes lead to changes in national security policy and force


It may also have significance regarding active and passive defense against other

forms of asymmetric warfare capable of inflicting substantial effects and potentially

massive damage on the US homeland. These forms may include: computer network

attack (CNA), computer network defense (CND), ballistic missile attack (BMA), and

ballistic missile defense (BMD). It is these forms of asymmetric warfare that are causing

some defense representatives to use the term weapons of mass effects (WME) in the

place of WMD. Regardless, this study may have significance in examining each of the

forms of asymmetric WME.


There are four assumptions that must be accepted as true regarding this study.

First, it is assumed that the reader has a basic understanding of the traditional NBC

threats. This means that the concept of NBC weapons and agents, and the potentially

massive damage to life and property they cause, must not be completely new. If

additional background is required before continuing, the 2001 DoD report entitled

Proliferation, Threat and Response, is an excellent source. It discusses in detail the NBC

and WMD threats throughout the world in unclassified form and is easily accessible at

the official DoD website (www.defenselink.mil).

Second, there is a fundamental assumption that the reader accepts the NBC threat

to the US as valid. One must accept that our potential adversaries have the capability and

will to develop, produce, and effectively deliver WMD devices against the US. This

assumption is not necessarily new. What is new, is the assumption that there are a greater 6

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