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The sole limitation to this paper is its security level of classification. This thesis

is written using unclassified research materiel only. In cases where references are made

to classified materiel all information referenced comes from unclassified excerpts or is

summarized in unclassified fashion. It is also often information that is readily available

in open source documents or public statements. This limitation is not disruptive to the

thesis because most classified information in this area is very specific. Much of it

discusses the specifics of the threat and U.S. plans, capabilities, and vulnerabilities to the

threat. This paper addresses a much broader problem of whether the strategic structure is

optimal in the face of the general WMD threat. Additionally, the unclassified nature of

this thesis permits its wide and easy dissemination throughout the national security



This thesis will spend little time on specific NBC agents or their potential delivery

means. It is not the intent of this paper to digress into a discussion of one particular

WMD threat or another. The majority of the specific agents, weapons, and delivery

systems have been widely covered in various publications. Rather, this thesis refers to

the WMD threat in general. By doing this, it will adhere to the broad subject matter

without becoming encumbered by details. As discussed above, it also ensures that the

thesis remains an unclassified document.

Another self-imposed constraint to this paper may be evident in the chapter three

capability review. This review of DoD and non-DoD organizations will focus on

organizations that address the WMD threat as one of its primary functions only. The 8

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