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Joint NBC Defense Program. This program coordinates the specific requirements of the

services to ensure they are not wastefully duplicating RDA efforts. It also serves as an

integrating body to more efficiently produce and field CB defense equipment. This, in

turn, results in greater interoperability for the services.

So, there is an organizational structure at the strategic level that is purely focused

on CB defense. The problem appears to be that it is a relatively small office at the deputy

assistant level. In addition, its managerial body, the Joint NBC Defense Board, is

sometimes bogged down by a cumbersome one-service-one-vote structure. This structure

ensures all services get a roughly equal share of the CB defense pie--regardless of

expertise or requirements. Additionally, DoD’s CB defense program only addresses the

materiel requirements, and the research, development and procurement process. It has a

very limited role in coordination of service training and doctrine development. Finally, at

the managerial level, this program is not a stand-alone organization with any real clout in

the Pentagon. It is merely a set of meetings.20

Future Structure and Desired Capabilities Literature

Discussion about what to do regarding the asymmetric WMD threat has increased

commensurate with the growth in the concern about the threat itself. The upcoming

Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) appears to be at the hub of this discussion. In

preparation for the QDR there has been a flurry of activity among defense officials and

national security strategists.

One of the most recent and forward-thinking forums was a conference the

Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University and The Institute for Foreign

Policy Analysis, Incorporated. This conference was widely attended by senior national 27

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