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This is not the only credible forum to come to the conclusion that significant

restructuring of the national security apparatus may be necessary. A recent policy brief

released by the Brookings Institution, a private Washington think tank, recommended a

complete revamping of the National Security Council (NSC).25

And, in perhaps the most anticipated pre-QDR report, the Hart-Rudman

commission also recommended significant changes in the national security strategy and

structure. This commission, chaired by former Senators Gary Hart and Warren B.

Rudman, and comprised of a dozen other notable leaders, conducted a three phase

examination of the new strategic environment looking forward for the next 25 years.

They concluded that, “Significant changes must be made in the structures and processes

of the US national security apparatus.”26 Their conclusions specifically called for a new

federal agency, the National Homeland Security Agency (NHSA), to plan, coordinate,

and integrate all governmental activities relating to homeland security. This cabinet level

agency would use DoD’s considerable resources to assist it in its mission. To facilitate

that assistance, the commission also recommended that DoD establish a new office on the

Secretary of Defense’s staff to coordinate and integrate DoD’s efforts. In addition, the

commission says that, “new priorities also need to be set for the US armed forces in light

of the threat to the homeland.”27


In the frenzy to maintain threat-based forces after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall

and subsequent breakup of the communist Eastern Block, WMD has become a somewhat

handy threat of choice. However, it is evident that this threat is valid and has the


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