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management of those items. In addition, its various laboratories, detection, and

identification equipment provide the US with a full range of static, mobile, and

deployable analytical services.

The SBCCOM Operations Enterprise provides safe storage and protection to

America’s toxic chemical munition stockpile at each of the eight stockpile sites in the

US. This is a sizable task and is arguably becoming more difficult to manage due to both

the increasing age of the cold war era weapons and the public attention it receives as the

weapons are prepared for destruction. All of the eight sites have significant analytical

laboratory capability and chemical surety expertise. Although not readily deployable,

they also are experienced in incident planning and are trained to respond quickly and

professionally to a chemical event.

Because of its NBC RDA and chemical stockpile experience, SBCCOM is also a

national hub of WMD emergency preparedness and response activity. It employs a

Technical Escort Unit (TEU), which is discussed in detail below, as well as several other

deployable WMD related units. It established the Chemical Biological-Rapid Response

Team (CB-RRT) to deploy, coordinate, and manage the DoD technical capabilities from

various organizations responding to a WMD event.21 It maintains the Chemical and

Biological Forensic Analytical Center. This analytical center provides a world class on-

site analytical laboratory capability capable of analyzing chemical materials, foreign

chemical warfare agents, and all precursors and degradation by-products.22

SBCCOM is also DoD’s executor of the 1997 Public Law 104-201 Defense

Authorization legislation directing DoD to “enhance the capability of federal, state and

local emergency responders in incidents involving nuclear, biological and chemical


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