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Nondefense Organizations

The various DoD organizations and response assets outlined above are not the

only federal agencies prepared to address the WMD threat. There are several others

which provide considerable capabilities. For example, the General Accounting Office

(GAO) identified no less than 17 federal consequence management response teams from

seven different agencies not including DoD. These agencies ranged from the Department

of Energy to the Environmental Protection Agency.32 Additionally, the state and local

governments are increasingly more focused on the WMD problem. With all the assets

and attention domestic WMD events are getting, one may conclude that the federal, state,

and local governments collectively may be adequately addressing the problem. However,

the sentiment in the press appears to reach the opposite conclusion. As the Boston Globe

put it, “there is a growing concern over whether the federal government’s various

agencies--as well as emergency centers in the 50 states and major cities like New York

and Los Angeles--would be able to respond to a bio-terrorist attack.”33

This section will examine some of the federal, state and local organizations which

are external to DoD but contribute to addressing the WMD threat to the US. In the

context of this paper it is important to highlight these organizations because many of

them coordinate directly with DoD strategic level organizations also postured against the

threat. This discussion should provide an appreciation for the quantity and magnitude of

coordination required by a DoD strategic level organizational structure. The review will


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