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anything you want,’ it’s very hard to resist. I would say free forming is the nicest way you can put what we're doing out there.”

“We really were able to get goofy on the tennis court and I had a great day,” laughs Williams-Paisley. “Tom and I were flailing on the big thick mat. We love to do that kind of thing.”

“Kimberly and Tom are not afraid to do physical comedy – they are athletes, actually,” observes Dolman. “They take pratfalls, they fall down, stand up, drop things…it's wonderful. Sometimes, they are out and out clown-like. In a way, they are big kids. It helps again with that theme of the story…grownups, they are like kids, they are just bigger. Plus, they both have a great sense of comedic timing.”

In addition to the physicality of the role, Williams-Paisley was also attracted to the project for other reasons. “I thought the script was adorable and relatable. To me, the mom read like a perfect mom. Laid back, easy going, with a sense of humor, adoring and happy to be a mom. I like that part of Helen. She’s a good sport and kind of sarcastic, but also madly in love with her children and husband. She’s also turned into a little bit of a goof, a little bit of a klutz.”

“This set is a great place to be having fun and because it is a kid's movie, there is that kid's energy,” observes Williams-Paisley. “There is a lot of silliness and Bob is very laid back, which is terrific. He is also one of the only directors I've seen who stands next to the camera, sort of like the way they used to do it. Bob is working the kids and he is shouting encouragements at them in the middle of the scene, so it lends a certain spontaneity. He is great with the kids.”

Williams-Paisley was also keen to work with her co-star. “Tom Cavanagh is hysterical. I've admired his work for a long time. He is very funny and he throws something new in every single take. I’m never quite sure what he is going to do, so that's why it’s fun to act with him, because he is always surprising. Plus, he recently worked with my sister – they played each other’s love interest. Now this summer, I get him. So it’s kind of all in the family!”


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