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The props department filled the counter tops of Twitch’s kitchen with a range of things the actors could throw into the pot. “We threw everything from a household kitchen,” explains Ryan Malgarini, who plays the worm chef Benjy. “Lettuce, hot sauce, pepper, just about anything that you could find in the house, we put into this pot and cooked it and boiled it and fried it. It was crazy and disgusting!”

Luke Benward’s reaction to eating “The Burning Fireball” worm was natural and real. “The pot had a big stew full of bananas and banana peels and glass bottles and hot sauce and cayenne papers and then they put the edible prop worm inside,” remembers Benward. “It was red and it was actually in the stew they made. It just tasted really bad. It's was hot the first time it touched my tongue and then it just got gross.”

The special effects technicians also rigged the "Radioactive Slime Delight" worm to splat worm parts without actually harming a real worm. “It's a worm that goes in the microwave and is turning, turning, turning, and all of a sudden it blows up all over the microwave,” explains Benward. “There are pieces of worm everywhere and I have to eat it with a spatula. It was actually corn syrup and edible worm flying everywhere, so it was all sticky and that one had no taste, but the texture in your mouth was like…let’s just say, that's the one that I want to get in one take.”

Benward was grateful for the assistance of special effects and props departments in his worm-eating escapades. “For one scene, I did have to put a real worm in my mouth – a Canadian night crawler. It wasn't too gross, it was actually kind of good,” Benward comments surprisingly. “I didn't bite into it, but the outside was salty and slimy. One of our props guys said ‘I wouldn't let you put anything in your mouth that I wouldn't put in my mouth.’ He tasted everything before I did. That was really awesome.”

Prop department member Doug Field actually made the edible worms in his kitchen at home. The worms were molded out of gelatin and hand painted with edible paint. They came in flavors like pistachio, vanilla, tapioca and fruit punch. “The first one I had to eat

  • “La Big Porker” – was supposedly fried in pig fat. So on the outside they made it look

like it had fat hanging off of it and made it look like some of the worm slime melted into the fat. The special effects people also made it squirt goo. It was gross,” explains Benward.


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