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Several of the edible worms were more elaborate. “’Brown Toad Bloater Special’ is supposed to be deep fried. Actually, it’s portabella mushroom with molasses, chocolate syrup and maple syrup. That mixture of syrups all mixed on the worm and he poured it into my mouth and it stuck out because it was really hard to eat,” remembers Benward.

In the movie, the “Barfmallow” worm is made of marshmallows, tuna fish, ketchup and mayonnaise. “Since that would have actually made me sick, they used that strawberry stuff that is in cereal. It was actually pretty good,” reveals Benward.

Even though their characters are non worm-eaters, over the course of production, most of the cast did taste the edible worms out of curiosity.

“I didn’t really want to eat any of them. Even though they are fake edible worms, they still are pretty nasty,” comments Malgarini. “They each got more sick and disgusting as we went on. But ‘The Green Slusher’ tasted like cereal…it was mix of Trix and Lucky Charms. It actually tasted pretty good. That’s the one I liked the most.”

“Out of solidarity for Billy, I ate the worms,” admits Tom Cavanagh, who plays Billy’s dad. “They're gross. It wasn't a pretty sight. Do you know who ate none of the worms? Kimberly Williams. I had to eat all of her worms, too.”

Williams wasn’t the only female cast member who didn’t sample the props. “I didn't eat any of the worms because they have gelatin in them and I'm a vegetarian,” explains Hallie Kate Eisenberg. “But to see all of these boys standing there lined up, tasting the worms all together, putting these worms in their mouths. It's hysterical to watch. Ty, who plays Woody, and I did get to do this scene with ice cream over and over and over. By the last few takes we were miming eating them. We had to eat about 25 ice cream bars, which is a lot better than worms.”


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