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“CAMP WORMS, TEXAS” summer camp (n) - a place, usually residential, offering outdoor recreational activities & skill development for children during the summer

The young cast and their families – parents, grandparents and siblings - had a unique experience during the 8 weeks of production. “Even though they were surrounded by all of this film making equipment, they just behaved like kids at summer camp. I hope that comes across in the movie,” comments director Bob Dolman.

Producer Philip Steuer agrees. “There was archery, water sports, cooking, campfires.” Producers threw the cast and crew a bowling party to kick off filming that set the tone for the entire production. As filming progressed, the cast often went on outings together during their off time to places such as the local water park, the Austin Duck Tour and miniature golf.

“It really felt like we were all away at summer camp and our camp project was making this movie,” says Hallie Kate Eisenberg. “Bob had us call each other by our character names, like when you get a nickname at camp. We were all from different places and we all came together while the weather’s warm and learned new things. Instead of cabins, we stayed at an apartment complex and after work, we all swam in the pool and hung out with each other.”

The project was also a unique acting environment, one that echoed the themes in the film. “In most of my movies, I act with adults or maybe, at most, two or three other kids,” explains Adam “Joe” Hicks. “So, with this movie – wow - 10 other kids - that's really cool. When I arrived I was thinking ‘I hope I get along with everyone, I hope everyone likes me.’”

“When you have this many kids, you do worry about them all getting along,” admits Philip Steuer. “That certainly wasn’t an issue at all, some of them will probably be life- long friends.”


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