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Student Activities:

1. On page one, how does a HoChunk chief describe his nationʹs organization and government? List some good and bad things about a community organized that way.

2. On pages 23, WhiteHeaded Decorah confronts two Indians and urges them not to drink alcohol. What are some of his reasons for claiming alcohol is bad? How does his argument compare to that of todayʹs government, which simply urges us to ʺJust say noʺ? Which kind of argument do you think works better?

3. At the top of page three, what reasons does the HoChunk speaker give for claiming white settlers should not take HoChunk lands? What is he afraid will happen? What does he want the Great Father in Washington to do to preserve peace?

4. At the top of page four Street describes the recent actions of future governor Henry Dodge. Give one reason why Street says itʹs wrong for Dodge to do that, and one reason why itʹs alright. What do you think ‐ ‐ are Dodgeʹs actions justified?

5. On pages 56 Street explains that the HoChunk donʹt understand the U.S. legal system. What is the Indian system of justice he describes? List some good things and some bad things about each way of settling disputes (the HoChunk and the U.S.).

  • 6.

    What does Street get so angry about on pages 912 of this letter?

  • 7.

    What are Streetʹs reasons for denouncing commonlaw relations between Indian women

and white men? Can you think of others? Which reason is the most powerful?

8. Look at the 1829 Chandler map alongside a modern map. Find three places on the modern map that are also on the Chandler 1829 map (look for lakes and rivers rather than for names). Outline the area covered by the Chandler map on the modern one.

9. The Chandler map includes lots of text. How many mines can you count? How many taverns? How many churches or schools? What does that make you think?

8th Grade Standards Addressed: 8.1, 8.3, 8.4, 8.5, 8.10, 8.11

12th Grade Standards Addressed: 12.1, 12.2, 12.4, 12.5, 12.9, 12.11, 12.12, 12.13, 12.16


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