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Vocabulary: Unfamiliar words are defined at www.wisconsinhistory.org/dictionary

Student Activities:

  • 1.

    What action does the pamphlet “Wanted! …” call for? What is its main point?

  • 2.

    In your own words, summarize what you see as the main points of the newspapers and

individuals quoted in the campaign material.

3. If this were a game of Jeopardy, and the “Wanted!…” documents were the answer, what would the question be?

4. In the pamphlet “What Has McCarthy Done for Wisconsin?” the final page (“Tail Gunner Joe”) asserts that McCarthy “was relieved from active duty at his [own] request … 6 months before end of Pacific war and was prior to the costly battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa.” What does this statement attempt to imply about McCarthy?

5. The same pamphlet includes the phrase, “Why Wisconsin’s Junior Senator has NO influence in Washington” below references to major newspapers and magazines. Does that prove the claim to your satisfaction? What does the author hope you will infer?

6. Compare one of the sections in “McCarthy: a documented record” with the “Wanted! Your support…” pamphlet. Use the table on the pages in this handbook called “Evaluating Critical Thought” to assess the merits of each.

7. The “Wanted! Your support…” pamphlet uses the testimony of experts in an unusual way. Why do you think the person who created the material chose this tactic?

8th Grade Standards Addressed: 8.1, 8.4, 8.5

12th Grade Standards Addressed: 12.1,12.2,12.4,12.5


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