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B.8.12 Describe how history can be organized and analyzed using various criteria to group people and events chronologically, geographically, thematically, topically, and by issues

Performance Standards for History Grade 12

B.12.1 Explain different points of view on the same historical event, using data gathered from various sources, such as letters, journals, diaries, newspapers, government documents, and speeches

B.12.2 Analyze primary and secondary sources related to historical question to evaluate their relevance, make comparisons, integrate new information with prior knowledge, and come to a reasoned conclusion]

B.12.3 Recall, select, and analyze significant historical periods and the relationships among them

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    12.4 Assess the validity of different interpretations of significant historical events

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    12.5 Gather various types of historical evidence, including visual and quantitative

data, to analyze issues of freedom and equality, liberty and order, region and nation, individual and community, law and conscience, diversity and civic duty; form a reasoned conclusion in the light of other possible conclusions’ and develop a coherent argument in the light of other possible arguments

B.12.6 Select and analyze various documents that have influenced the legal, political, and constitutional heritage of the United States B.12.7 Identify major works of art and literature produced in the United States and elsewhere in the world and explain how they reflect the era in which they were created

B.12.8 Recall, select, and explain the significance of important people, their work, and their ideas in the areas of political and intellectual leadership, inventions, discoveries, and the arts, within each major era of Wisconsin, United States, and world history

B.12.9 Select significant changes caused by technology, industrialization, urbanization, and population growth, and analyze the effects of these changes in the United States and the world


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