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Collected Southwind Memories

by EM3 Edward (Edd) Schuller (June 1970 to June 1973)

First off, I want to recognize the excellent recalling of the Arctic East '70 deployment provided by Michael Stronski. It brought back some nice memories. I'd like to add, if I may, some personal additions of that deployment.

Rodney The Polar Bear

A funny tidbit of our encounter with Rodney was that afternoon, one of the cooks (Augie), cooked up some Cornish Game Hens. They weren't very good and the majority of the crew razzed Augie about quite a bit. When we spotted Rodney and saw how curious he was with us, we stopped to see what Rodney would do. To our delight, Rodney walked right up to the ship (evident of the photos). As we all took pictures and called out to Rodney ( I, and others were on the fantail), Augie came rushing out with a huge platter of the Cornish Game hens nobody ate and yelled as he tossed them over the side, "...if none of you will eat these, I might as well give them to somebody who will (in his Filipino accent). Rodney came over to the game hens laying on the ice, sniffed them, pawed them, and then walked away. We laughed and stated, "See, Augie, not even Rodney likes them". Augie huffed and mumbled some in Filipino as he stormed off the fantail. Needless to say, that joke carried through for many weeks.


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