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Capetown. He gave us each a round of vodka and cognac and also bought us a bottle of champagne! The bar was very nicely decorated and had a band playing. Arrived at Southwind at 2355, five minutes before liberty expired, after a great evening.

1800 We took aboard a practice NASA space capsule that the Russians had found somewhere. It looked like a dummy Gemini capsule. The Russian TV news had said that one of our reasons for coming here was to pick up the capsule.

Monday, 7 September

1245 Walked downtown with some shipmates to shop and mail post cards.

1808 Underway with all hands on board.

The two helicopters departed Southwind on 15 November and returned to Mobile, AL. I believe that Arctic East 1970 on Southwind was one of the best cruises an icebreaker ever had! Besides the usual Greenland re-supply escort duties to Thule and Sondestrom Air Force bases, Southwind set a latitude record, searched for a missing Russian aircraft bringing earthquake relief supplies to Chile, and got to visit Copenhagen, Denmark, Tromso, Norway, Murmansk, Russia, and spent a week in Portsmouth, England! My wife met me on the dock when we arrived in Copenhagen. She was the only girl on the dock, and all of my friends were kidding me for bringing a sandwich to a banquet. However, it was a fabulous sandwich, and we‘re still married after 41 years (as of 2010).

Sometime in the late ‘70‘s when I was stationed at Air Station, Brooklyn, NY, I was flying a Port Security Patrol around New York harbor and vicinity looking for oil spills. While flying in Newark Bay, I looked down at a shipyard and saw two Coast Guard icebreakers being cut up for scrap metal. A few weeks later, I drove over there and found out that the breakers were Eastwind and Southwind. Southwind was too far gone to go aboard and the superstructure of Eastwind was gone. I got aboard Eastwind and retrieved many items of memorabilia including two hammock clues, silverware, a battle lantern, a telephone directory sign, and numerous other signs identifying fittings and spaces. I now have them posted around my house: Officer‘s Toilet and Shower, Dry or General Stores, Stateroom One, Stateroom Two, Stateroom Three, and Watchstanders. I was really lucky to get them before it was too late, and I‘m really lucky to have a wife who appreciates Coast Guard memorabilia almost as much as I do.

I retired from the Coast Guard in 1996 as a Captain after 31 years.


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