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We held open house both days and the people really turned out for it. We only had one section on liberty because only 50 men were allowed on shore at a time.

The morning of the 3rd, about 4 a.m. we left for Zanzibar, and island about 40-miles out belonging to Tanzania.

3 April 1969 Zanzibar, Tanzania

We arrived in Zanzibar about 7 that morning. I had duty that day, but this was the place I would have liked to have gone. It looked like a town out of the storybooks, with its narrow streets, sandstone buildings, and veiled women. We left about 10 p.m. and headed for Lourenco Marques, Mozambique, our last stop before Norfolk.

3 April 8 April 1969 Zanzibar, Tanzania to Lourenco Marques, Mozambique

Our trip to Lourenco Marques, Mozambique was nice and calm the first two days, then got choppy the last two.

We left Zanzibar on 4 main engines, with B-3 secured because we were doing 1,500-hour checks on them.

I was on the 4-8 watch and the first two mornings I came up and watched the sun rise. It was really beautiful. It looked like solid gold with low black clouds mingled in with it. It‘s something you would imagine seeing off the African coast.

As usual we got ahead of schedule, and just poked along on two Main Engines. We were supposed to pull in at 8, but somehow we got messed up and didn‘t get in until 11:30.

Liberty was granted to everyone except engineers because we were taking on fuel.

8 April to 11 April 1969 Lourenco Marques, Mozambique

Engineers were finally granted liberty so we went ashore and looked around. We expected to find everyone black, but it seemed like the blacks were in the minority.

Lourenco Marques and the whole of Mozambique for that matter is a colony of Portugal. It was a real modern town and the people seemed to live in modern houses.

The second day a whole gang of us went to the beach and just lounged around all afternoon. The swimming was bad because you had to wade out 15-miles to get over your waist. I gave up after the first 5 miles. Just kidding, but you do have to go out a long, long way, and I didn‘t do it. One guy with us had a spear-fishing outfit and he couldn‘t get in water over his waist so he gave up too.

Lourenco Marques turned out to be the most ―Anti-Gringo‖ (―Anti-American‖) town I‘ve ever been in since I‘ve been on this ship, and this includes South America.


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