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66 / 92

I remembered the name of the town he was from and was able to locate him just before our last reunion. He is on our list. I remember Niksich as hard working and a very dependable crew member. He was in B-2 with me. (Tom is in blue shirt)

One fun thing in Baltimore was making the LCVP practice runs. Because I had some early SAR station experience I would get to play coxswain from time to time. Reluctantly BMCS Kennedy let me qualify as a coxswain later but I would only get to do minor runs because I was a snipe type. Later in my career the experience helped served as a springboard for me to be a SAR certified coxswain running 41 footers in Ft. Pierce, Fl.

Thule Greenland

I was told there was a girl behind every tree. You know the rest of that story. When we finally arrived at Thule they were loading surplus things on I believe a Danish ship. Our little band of salvage pirates started exploring what might be of value for the ship. We got side tracked when the command found out there was an Army facility that was being closed down and they had supply storage buildings and we were welcome to anything we wanted. We were able the get a stake truck and made about a dozen trips. We really got some great things. They had a supply of heavy foul weather gear. The jackets were much better than the ones we had on board. We were also able to get a load of white Arctic boots, white skis etc. We got a ton of paper products, galley supplies like pots and pans, silverware and just about something for every department.

Then we spotted the truck. The Air Force had a surplus truck that really looked good. Somehow we pulled strings and got it. We loaded it into the hanger deck for the return to Baltimore. The crew painted it white with a stripe and make it the ship‘s vehicle. Somehow that turned out bad and we had to get rid of it. As I recall we deep sixed her.


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