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comment on what they were wearing. Our table was starting to get a few looks from some of the officers. We were dancing and was near where the Captain was seated and suddenly she stepped back on the dance floor and loudly announced; ‖Semi-formal party my blickity-blank a__‖ Then followed it up with something like: If I had known they were going to dress like this I would have worn my #@%$^&*%$# jeans. I got her back to our table and the couple that I came with helped me hustle her out the door. She didn‘t go quietly. She used words that would have the girls from ―The Block‖ cringe.

I don‘t remember what Master Chief Kelly‘s exact words were the next day but he let me know

  • everyone noticed‖ and he didn‘t seem too pleased with my nice girl selection. Come to think of it,

perhaps that is why he did not believe my ―Zoo‖ story.


Nearly everyone in the liberty party had rented little motor bikes to get from where the ship was moored to the town center. We were told that we had to return them back to the same area at the ship by the next morning. I was running around with EN3 Hebert and we toured the island and late in the evening or early morning we started back to the ship. The headlight went out on my bike and the London looking Bobbies at a little police station had stopped me and said I could not operate my motor bike any further. They did not seem to care that I had to get it back to the pick up point as directed. They said that I could not ride double with Hebert and they would not help me get the bike back. We were in a little sub-station and were several miles from the ship. This was my first foreign port and I was not real pleased with the hospitality! All I knew was that if I was late I would miss movement. (EN3 Hebert with helmet)

In a little fit I expressed to them that they were holding me hostage and pulled off my dog tags and flipped both dog tags and ID card on the counter as I announced ―under the articles of the Geneva


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