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and a certified hard hat diver. It was probably a hard decision for the Captain to let him go. But that was the fairness of Captain Dolber and he showed it to me more than once

Note: When we returned to Baltimore the motor scooter was nowhere to be found. I was told that McKnight needed it to get home on leave. It was a well spent $200. I have searched for McKnight many times but never found or heard of him again. I even searched the Vietnam Wall register of names just to be sure. CW McKnight was a short fellow with a butch cut. He famous saying when confronted was: If you feel froggy, leap!

There is a picture of McKnight in the Arctic East Cruise Book at the bottom of the page marked Kulusuk refueling. He is the diver on the right hand side.

Kulusuk Refueling (Refer to the Arctic East Cruise Book)

Boy what a nightmare that was. I was on one of the LCVP‘s that was trying to run the fuel line through the ice flow and get it hooked up and fuel flowing so it would sink before the ice shifted again. I‘m pictured on the page marked ―deployment‖ (#10) throwing the hook. We were trying to hook the ice and move it so the other boat could run the fuel hose. They had the hose lashed to the back of the LCVP and the ice started shifting and was pulling their stern down. They had an axe and were trying to chop the line that had the large hose tied it to the boat. At the same time a BM3 on our boat fell into the water. We always laughed about how he came out so fast that his armpits under his foul weather jacket were still dry. He is pictured under the Kulusuk Refueling page.

Note: I am the snipe pictured on the full page marked ―complement‖ in the 67 Cruise Book.

Sad Satisfaction

I took some kind of personal pleasure when my two instructors from Engineman School received orders to the ship. (EN1 Edwards and EN1 Boyer)

Palmer Station Sled Race


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