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I read the Captain‘s writing on the 15‘ piece of corrugated metal roofing that we bent the end up to make a toboggan. We actually did it to race the deck force that came up with a real toboggan. It was kind of dangerous game. We would climb up the slope and set up with about 4-5 people on each and blast off towards the rocks at the bottom of the run. Our plan was the guy in front (me on one run) would yell now and the last guy would bail and each one in order with the front man last. All timed to be off before the rocks. The metal outran the sled. The plan worked great until I got hurt which made it the last run. I was the last man off and my foot hooked the sharp point of the rolled up front. The metal cut through my boot laces and leather tongue and cut the top of my foot. Doc had to take care of it. We also had a cardboard sled. See added pictures.

The Penguin!

We were walking on the rocks out in front of the new Palmer Station construction. This penguin just popped right out of the water in front of us and scooted across a small patch of snow. We easily caught it and I held it for pictures. It calmed down as I stroked its back. When we finished I carried it over to the water and safely tossed him in. The penguin made a quick circle and popped right out in front of me again. It was like magic. This time he let me pick him up. Turned out there was a bunch of what I think we called leopard seals in the water in front of us. He was picking the lesser of two evils I guess.

Deliver the Admiral

We were taking the Captain and the Admiral in to the new Palmer Station on the LCVP. We had his flag mounted on the boat. Of course this was too big of a deal for a snipe to be the coxswain. The selected BM that was running the boat was moving at a pretty good clip as we approached the bulkhead landing area. He shifted the single lever handle for reverse and the linkage broke and had no control. The Admiral and Captain were standing by the bow ramp talking. We were still moving


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