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but never found anything, probably due to lack of navigation aids to fix our position up on the ice cap.

In any event, the story I received at the time from Mick Houck was that an Aero Commander aircraft had flow into the ice cap and through some very fortunate circumstances at least one person had been rescued by a ski-equipped C-130 and flown to Sondrestom AFB. Through the years I thought of the event and occasionally related the story to the extent that I knew and recalled it. Then, in January 2009 I decided to see if I could locate any information about the crash via the internet. The only possibility to get information that I found was a website titled Firebird which seemed to cater to ex- USAF C-130 pilots.

I left a message on that site describing what I was trying to do. About 6 months later I received an e- mail from a person describing himself as a navigator aboard the C-130 that made a rescue similar to that which I described. Through several correspondences we confirmed that it was the same event. The gentleman (Major, USAF, Ret.) even had pictures he had taken of the crash site. Then, last week, AFTER our reunion in September 2010, I received another e-mail from a person (Colonel, USAF, Ret.) who had also seen my inquiry. He stated that he was the command pilot on the rescue. He informed me that the son of one of the survivors (turns out there were 2 survivors, 1 fatality), an Englishman, was writing a book or some sort of written account of the event. I e-mailed him yesterday and he responded overnight thanking me for the information I supplied about the icebreaker‘s involvement and asking if I had any other details.

Photograph of crash scene taken by the USAF C-130 Navigator during rescue attempt (Artic East 1967)

That‘s the story. The reason I am sending this message is to inquire if you have any recollection of the event. The English gentleman stated that he has routine contact with the family of the pilot who was killed and that they appreciate any information he supplies to them relative to the events surrounding the crash.

Also I am writing to say how good it was to see you and many of the other crew members at the reunion. I sat with the Coast Guard pilots who followed us in supporting the ship‘s operation and had a very enjoyable time. From talking to them I think I may be safe in assuming that I had the longest


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