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meeting the 300 hour requirements will need to be independently validated and quality assured by the centre completing the CPCS Renewal Theory Test (removing the role of company approved CPCS Validators from the Scheme).


The role of the CPCS Training Provider will be removed under the new Scheme rules and replaced with a CPCS Test Centre under contract with CPCS. A requirement for the CPCS Test Centres will be the provision of a suitable Test Site with welfare facilities, a theory test area, and a practical test area that meets the specifications for the CPCS Technical Test. The CPCS Test Centres will provide a single point of contact and deliver a complete package of services to support the operator from Trained Operator card application through to Competent Operator card renewal; including H&S testing, Technical Tests and S/NVQ Assessments. The application process to become a CPCS Test Centre opened in May 2008, and is open to everyone. Existing CPCS Training Providers have been contacted and invited to apply.

T E S T E R S A N D T R A I N E R S The role of the CPCS Instructor has also been revised and is to be divided into two separate roles. The CPCS Trainer will be accredited as a qualified trainer and listed on the CPCS website as a source of training. Likewise, the CPCS Tester will be accredited as a qualified tester and be able to

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deliver the CPCS Technical Test when registered with a CPCS Test Centre. The application process to become a CPCS Trainer or Tester opened in May 2008, and, like the CPCS Training Providers, is open to everyone, subject to meeting the scheme requirements. Again, existing CPCS Instructors have been invited to confirm whether they wish to transfer into the new Scheme as a Trainer or Tester. CPCS has already received over 350 Tester applications, and 450 Trainer applications.


Crucially, there will be

changes to the grant support from CITB-ConstructionSkills that employers should be aware of. As of August, achievement grants will be available for a CPCS Theory

Test pass, a CPCS Practical

Test pass, a health and safety test pass and an S/NVQ achievement with attendance grants made available to support training through the Training Plan or Short Duration Training. The aim has

been to simplify the grant scheme to encourage more employers to claim the grant that is available.

To help make the transition from the old scheme to the new one as smooth as possible, arrangements are in place for the old Scheme activities to run through to 31 October 2008, and the new renewal process will not be implemented until 1 January 2009.

To find out more about the changes, visit: www.cskills.org/cpcs

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