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The world’s largest high reach excavator has finally stepped from computer screen to in-the-metal reality. D&Ri editor Lindsay Gale was in the Netherlands to see the machine fully telescoped for the first time.

It is one thing to watch a computer animation. It is quite another to see what is

the world’s highest reaching (by some margin) demolition boom raise, extend and then unfold up to its full height of 90 metres. The machine has been undergoing final testing at the Rusch factory near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and was due to

be delivered to customer Euro Demolition by the end of August. “We calculated that the boom

would weigh 70 tonnes and we are almost spot on – it is actually fractionally lighter at 69 tonnes,” says Rusch managing director Ruud

Schreijer. “In total, the whole machine will be 220-230 tonnes. We don’t know exactly at the moment as there are still some components to go on.” The biggest challenge faced by Rusch during the manufacture of the machine was where the ‘cylinders’ that provide the telescoping function were concerned. “Our original design was insufficiently rigid. These cylinders have been designed to be, in effect, small telescopic booms inside each telescoping main boom section. If we had gone for a single cylinder in each section, they would have been very expensive and it would have taken 18 months for them to be delivered. And if one was damaged in use, the crane would have to lie idle for a similar length of time,” explains Schreijer. According to Schreijer, another challenge that had to be overcome was connected with locking off the lower boom sections. “It is a completely new system, very different to the one we used on our previous high reach. In this case the locking mechanisms are in the frames of the 18 metres boom sections. This means that the alignment of the locking cylinders has to be perfect – if it is out by just 1 mm, the

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boom cannot be locked off. Initially we had trouble achieving this perfect alignment but we have now overcome this,” Schreijer says. Given the effort involved in developing this 90 m giant, it might be reasonable to assume that the company might plan to relax a little before stepping back into the fray of design and build. However, the company already has several new projects to get its teeth into. First off, there will be 75 and 45 metre versions of its new telescopic design. And there is another concept in Schreijer’s mind. “On this 90 metre crane, we have

changed the base carrier so much that there is not really very much left of the original 5110,” he concludes. “As a result, we are thinking of making complete machines ourselves, using OEM sourced main components, such as engines, transmissions etc.” Currently, Rusch has three Cat 5110 carriers and one Cat 5130 available to it, and these will be used for the machines currently on order. Meanwhile, the company will also be developing the own build concept and designs so that by 2010, it will be in a position to stop using second hand or OEM sourced carriers.

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D & D Autumn 08


At a celebration attended by well over 300 dignitaries, directors and staff including Arlene Foster, Minister of Enterprise, Trade & Investment in the Northern Ireland Assembly, Fintec Crushing and Screening Ltd has been presented with the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement. Presented by the Queen’s representative the Duke of Abercorn, the award is designed to reward “a substant al and sustained increase in export earnings to a level which s outstanding for the products or services concerned and for the s ze of the applicants operations”. Sales and marketing director Hubert Watson, the man who has guided the company to

export and domestic success since he led a management buyout in 2001, took the opportunity to thank what he described as the “Fintec Family”. “Fintec has achieved an incredible level of growth and success in the past five or

six years and we are now recognised worldwide, he says. “But none of what we have achieved would have been possible without the help of every member of the Fintec Family. Everyone from the directors and sales staff,

through the designers and engineers, to the staff in the canteen has played a part in our success. This award is recognition of their hard work and I thank them all for their continued dedication and loyalty to the Fintec name.”

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