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D & D Autumn 08


Safedem’s proven track- record in the field of façade retention has stood the company in good stead, as Mark Anthony reports.

Safedem has been awarded the prestigious contract for the façade retention and internal demolition of Marischal College in Aberdeen. The landmark College building, which includes a large central quadrangle, is located in the heart of Aberdeen’s busy city centre.

  • Ornate Facades

The multi million pound project involves the retention of the UK’s largest granite façade – and the second biggest in the world - in readiness for the structure’s new life as Aberdeen City Council’s headquarters. Built in 1836, the existing buildings were designed by Aberdeen architect Archibald Simpson in the style of Westminster’s Houses of Parliament. The similarities of Marischal College to Parliament can be seen in the ornate façade and decorative stonework. On viewing the College, John Betjeman

wrote: “it is bigger than any cathedral, tower on tower, forests of pinnacles, a group of palatial buildings rivalled only by the Houses of Parliament “.

  • Competency and

Experience Safedem tendered the works package following a vigorous pre-qualification process that required contractors to demonstrate competency and experience in the specialist area of façade retention and associated demolitions. Getting the pre–qualification process right is a major factor for demolition contractors today and requires a significant investment in time and resources. Safedem managing director William Sinclair credits his team for his company’s winning submission. “My PA, Donna Doogan and the office staff put a lot of effort into preparing quality submissions in response to PQQ’s. It is

their hard work that gets the tender on the desk.”

  • European Shortlist

The shortlist of contractors that qualified to tender stage included contractors from across Europe. “Safedem is delighted to be awarded the Marischal College contract. The award of this project reinforces our reputation for successfully developing and delivering solutions for the more complex projects in the demolition market today.” Perhaps better known for their work in the explosives demolition field, Sinclair points out that his team has extensive experience in the field of façade retention. At present, Safedem is currently working on the demolition and façade retention of Dundee House the new Dundee City Council offices being formed out of a former mill building in the centre of Dundee.

  • West End Experience

In the early 90s Sinclair gained valuable experience when he looked after projects for his father’s demolition business, tackling façade retention contracts in Great Portland Street, Jermyn Street and Great Peter Street in the heart of London’s West End. “During the 1980s, my father saw façade retention as a specialist niche within the demolition sector and that led to us undertaking projects throughout the UK, in many of Europe’s capital cities and as far afield as the USA,” Sinclair concludes. “It is really beneficial that I can still talk through our approach to these projects with my father who has an unrivalled knowledge and experience with façade retention projects.”

D&D info:... www.safedem.co.uk




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