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Basic Programming

(i.e., making sound and responding to throttle function commands) but has suddenly stopped accepting CV changes, then first run through the procedure under “If you Forget the Lock Code” to determine if the decoder has been locked.

Resetting the CVs or Starting Over

Occasionally, something goes wrong and Tsunami will not respond as expected. Usually, this is caused by one or more CVs being programmed to the wrong value. The CVs can be quickly reset to their factory default values using the following procedure.

  • 1.

    Program CV 30 to 2 (or CV 8 to 8) using either Service Mode or Operations Mode

  • 2.

    Place locomotive on a powered section of track. If locomotive is already on the mainline, cycle power to the decoder by turning power to the track off and then back on.

  • 3.

    After power is restored to the track there should be no indication of activity other than the power LED turning on for a period of six seconds. If sound comes on imediately upon restoring power, the decoder did not reset. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

  • 4.

    Once the six-second period has elapsed, the sound should come on and the headlight, backup light and onboard diagnostic light will blink 16 times indicating that the CVs were successfully reset.

  • 5.

    Tsunami should now respond to short address 3 just as it did when it was first unpacked.

  • 6.

    If you cannot get the decoder to reset, check to see that it has not been inadvertently locked (see “If You Forget the Lock Code” in the previous section).

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