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Basic Programming

Step 1: Configuring the Address

The first group of CVs you will want to change are those that set Tsunami’s address:

CV 1, Primary Address CV 17:18, Extended Address

Tsunami may be set up to recognize either the primary address (also called the short address), which provides a range of 1 to 127 or the extended (long) address, which has a range of 1 to 9999! Whether you use the primary or extended address will first depend on whether or not your DCC system uses extended addressing (not all of them do - if in doubt, see your command station owner’s manual.) Second, it will depend on your preferences and the numbering scheme you use for setting your decoder addresses. The extended address has the advantage that you can use all four digits of a locomotive’s road number for the decoder address making it easy to remember. Be aware that some DCC systems do not support the full range of available addresses.

Primary Address To use the primary address, simply set CV 1 to the desired address between 1 and 127.

Programming Notes: Both the primary and extended address may be changed at any time using service mode.

Some DCC systems will also allow the decoder address to be modified using operations mode programming (consult your system manual for details). Please note that when programming in operations mode, the following restrictions apply:

If the decoder’s primary address is enabled (i.e., CV 29, bit 5 is 0), only the extended address may be changed using operations mode programming.

If the decoder’s extended address is enabled (i.e., CV 29, bit 5 is 1), only the primary address may be changed using operations mode programming.

Extended Address The extended address is actually made up of two CVs, 17 and 18. Unless you are an experienced user, you should not try to program these CVs individually as a specific protocol is required in order for the DSD to accept the new data (See the Technical Reference for details). Since most command stations that support extended addressing will automatically generate the correct protocol, simply follow their instructions for setting the extended address.

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