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Basic Programming


Compute and record the CV value for each step using the following formula:

Percentage of Full Speed (from Step 2) CV Value = 255 X ——————————————————— 100

  • 4.

    Program CV 67 with the value computed in step 3 for the first data entry (Speed Step 1).

  • 5.

    Program CV 68 with the value computed in step 3 for the second data entry (Speed Step 2).

  • 6.

    Repeat step 5 for each of the remaining 26 CVs from CV 69 to CV 94 until they have been programmed with their respective values.

  • 7.

    Set CV 25 to 16 to select the user loadable speed table.

  • 8.

    Set bit 4 of CV 29 to 1 to enable speed table use. Refer back to the previous section “Configuring the Decoder” to determine the correct value for CV 29.

Table C may be followed as an example and lists the CV values for a straight- line response.

Adjust the Forward and Reverse Trim Tsunami provides two CVs for adjusting or ‘trimming’ the forward and reverse speeds.

CV 66, Forward Trim CV 95, Reverse Trim

These CVs multiply all data points in the speed tables by a factor of n/128 (n is the CV value) allowing the overall speed curve to be adjusted up or down without reloading all 28 data points again. These CVs will not have any effect when the speed tables are disabled (i.e., CV 29, bit 4 = 0)

These CVs may contain any value between 0 and 255. Trim values between 129 and 255 will increase speed curve values between 100% and 200% in approximately 1% steps. Trim values between 1 and 127 will decrease speed curve values between 1% and 99%. A value of 128 yields a scaling factor of 1.0 and has no effect on the speed curve.

Using different values for the forward and reverse trim will yield different forward and reverse speeds.

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