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Basic Programming

An output can be also be controlled by more than one function key. In the second case, if an output is mapped to two function keys, either key will turn that output on, however, the output will not turn off until both function keys have been turned off.

To determine the correct CV value,

  • 1.

    Find the column in the Function-Mapping Table corresponding to the function or sound effect output you wish to control.

  • 2.

    Next locate the row corresponding to the function key you wish to use for controlling the selected output.

  • 3.

    Note the number located in the box at the intersection of the row and column you have selected.

  • 4.

    Program the CV listed in the row chosen in step 2 with the value found in step 3.

Example 1, Swapping the Bell and Short Whistle functions: Some DCC systems label Function 3 on their cab as the Bell control. However, Tsunami’s default Bell control is Function 1. Fortunately, we can use function mapping to re-assign the controls so that the label on the cab matches the utility in the decoder. Since F3 controls the Short Whistle, we will simply swap it with F1 as follows:

Using Table F, we first re-assign Function 3 to the Bell. First, find the column corresponding to the Bell. Then find the row for Function 3. Note the value, 1, found in the box intersected by the row and column. Finally, program this value into the CV controlling Function 3, in this case CV 37.

Next, re-assign Function 1 to the Short Whistle following the same procedure. Locate the column corresponding to the Short Whistle. Then find the row for Function 1. Note the value, 128, found in the box intersected by the row and column and program this value into CV 35, the CV controlling Function 1.

Example 2, Independent Dynamo Control: As shipped from the factory, Function 0 controls both the Headlight (or Backup Light when in reverse) and the Dynamo sound together. Let’s suppose you desire to use another function to control the Dynamo sound so it can be turned on or off without affecting the headlight. This would be simple enough were it not for the fact that all the other function keys are already in use. The solution then, is to decommission another function so it may be re- assigned to the dynamo.

Looking over Table F, we see that any of Function F0 thru F9 may be remapped to include the Dynamo function. Functions 10-12 are not candidates since the boxes for these functions are blacked out under the Dynamo column. However, we could logically assign Function 5 to control both the FX5 and FX6 lights, which frees up Function 6 to control the Dynamo.

But first, we need to reprogram the mapping for F0 so that the Dynamo is no longer controlled with this function. Remembering that F0 uses two CVs, (CV 33 for forward and CV 34 for reverse), we program CV 33 to 1 so that F0

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