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Basic Programming

turns on the headlight in the forward direction. Then we program CV 34 to 2 so F0 turns on the Backup light in the reverse direction.

Next, setup Function 5 to control both FX5 and FX6. Using Table F, find the columns corresponding to FX5 and FX6. Then find the row for Function 5. Note the first value, 2, found in the box intersected by the F5 row and FX5 column. Then find the second value, 4, found in the box intersected by the F5 row and FX6 column. Add these two values together (2 + 4 = 6) and program the sum into CV 39, the CV controlling Function 5.

Finally, we set CV 40 to 8 so F6 turns the Dynamo on and off.

To summarize, program:

CV 33 = 1 (sets F0(f) to headlight) CV 34 = 2 (sets F0(r) to backup light) CV 39 = 6 (sets F5 to FX5 and FX6) CV 40 = 8 (sets F6 to Dynamo)

Remember, if the lighting functions are still set to the Dyno-Light effect, both the F0 and F6 functions must now be turned on for the lights to illuminate!

Working with 8-Function Cabs While Tsunami can support 12 function keys, many cabs are limited to only 8 or 9 functions and you may feel as though you will lose some ability to enjoy your new Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder. Most of the time, some clever function mapping will allow you to access and use all of the available features.

Instant Function Swapping By setting CV 30 to 4, the function assignments for F5-F8 are instantly swapped with the function assignments for F9-F12. Think of CV 30 as sort of a ‘shift’ key so that when it is set to 4,

F5 = Water Stop F6 = Injector F7 = Brake Release/Squeal F8 = Coupler

F9 = FX5 F10 = FX6 F11 = Dimmer F12 = Mute

And when it is set back to 0,

F5 = FX5 F6 = FX6 F7 = Dimmer F8 = Mute

F9 = Water Stop F10 = Injector F11 = Brake Release/Squeal F12 = Coupler

If you do not need the mute, dimmer or extra lighting functions, you can set CV 30 to 4 and simply be done with it. Otherwise, programming CV 30 back and forth between 0 and 4 is a little inconvenient and a more sophisticated solution is needed.

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