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Basic Programming

Then configure F3 to control the Water Stop Sound:

Set CV 37 = 64

Next, we configure F5 and F6 to control the Brake Squeal and Coupler respectively. But wait! Looking at Table F, it appears that this can’t be done. The trick is to use the Instant Function Swapping feature so Function 5 now controls the output assigned to Function 9, Function 6 now controls the output of Function 10, and so forth.

To activate Function Swapping, set CV 30 to 4. Once this is done, the control CVs for a particular function also get swapped so that the function mapping CVs are assigned as follows:

Function 5 is now mapped with CV 43 Function 6 is now mapped with CV 44 Function 7 is now mapped with CV 45 Function 8 is now mapped with CV 46 Function 9 is now mapped with CV 39 Function 10 is now mapped with CV 40 Function 11 is now mapped with CV 41 Function 12 is now mapped with CV 42

Now use Table F to remap F5 to control the Brake Squeal:

Set CV 43 = 128

Then map F6 to control the coupler:

Set CV 44 = 128

We would like to keep the original function assignments for F7 (dimmer) and F8 (mute). By turning on the Function Swapping feature, however, the outputs for these functions are now mapped through CV 45 and 46 which, by default, are set to control some other output. It is necessary to reprogram these CVs as well to get the desired functionality:

Re-map F7 to control the dimmer:

Set CV 45 = 8

Re-map F8 to control the mute:

Set CV 45 = 16

Finally, we must activate the automatic whistle signals by setting CV 198 to 2. The injectors are already part of Fireman Fred’s repertoire so there is nothing else needing change.

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