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Basic Programming

Western-Cullen D312 Rotary Beacon - This effect provides a spectacular rendition of the revolving reflector and bulb assembly of the prototype warning beacon found atop many diesels of the 60’s and 70’s.

Prime Stratolite - The Stratolite was a newer version of the rotary beacon, with the prototype consisting of a revolving reflector with four individual lamps arranged in a circular pattern which are electronically flashed in a clockwise sequence. The Stratolite flashes in a rather mechanical ‘stepped’ fashion, as opposed to the smooth motion of the Rotary Beacon.

Type I and Type II Ditch Lights - These are identical when operating. However, if the grade crossing logic is enabled, the Type I ditch light will revert to a steady on state when it is not flashing whereas the Type II lights will turn off.

Exhaust Flicker - This effect produces a random flicker whose intensity increases with locomotive speed. This effect is best used by placing a red/orange LED in the firebox or in the smokestack. As the locomotive increases speed, it will glow brighter, imitating an increase in sparks and exhaust gases.

Firebox Flicker - This effect produces a random flicker whose intensity resembles a burning fire and can be used with a lamp placed in the firebox area. The effect is improved when two lights are used, one yellow and one red or orange and each connected to a separate function output.

Smart Firebox Flicker - This effect produces a random flicker whose intensity is synchronized with the sound of Fireman Fred shoveling coal. Whenever Fred ‘opens’ the firebox door and begins shoveling, the lighting effect increases in brightness and then returns to a subdued level when the firebox doors are ‘closed’.

Dyno-Light - This effect for steam locomotives synchronizes the lamp brightness to the “output” of the dynamo such that the lamp brightness gradually increases as the dynamo builds up speed.

Phase Select - Alters the timing of the effect so that it is 180 degrees out of phase with the other effects. This allows you to have two light effects that blink back and forth if desired. Set one effect to phase A and the other to phase B.

Grade Crossing Logic - Causes the lighting effect to become active only when the whistle has been sounded (and the corresponding lighting function key is also on). A typical use would be to cause the ditch lights to flash at a grade crossing. The grade crossing logic can be used with almost all the Hyperlight effects. The on/off, dimmable headlight, Dyno-Light, FRED, exhaust flicker, and firebox flicker effects will not be affected. The other effects will either turn off (strobes and beacons) or revert to a steady on state (mars light, ditch lights, etc.) as appropriate to prototype practice.

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