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Basic Programming

Example 3, Alternating Ditch Lights with Crossing Logic In this example, we will configure the FX5 and FX6 outputs for use with bulbs as Type I Ditch lights that flash when the whistle is blown (our steam loco is being operated on a modern day railroad as a restored excursion train!).

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    We first look up the initial CV value in Table G for a Type I Ditch Light under the column labeled ‘Crossing Logic On’ and find it is 42 for Phase A and 58 for Phase B. To get the lights to flash back and forth, FX5 is set to the Phase A value and FX6 is set to the Phase B value.

  • 2.

    Since we are not using Rule 17, we skip to Step 3.

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    Since we are using bulbs rather than LEDs, we skip to Step 4.

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    CV 51 (FX5 configuration) is programmed with the value found in step A or 42. CV 52 (FX6 configuration) is likewise programmed with 58.

Lastly, we need to set the grade crossing hold time to about five seconds by programming CV 60 to 5. Initially, the FX5 and FX6 lights should be steady on (Note: use Function 5 and 6 to turn FX5 and FX6 on first!). When the whistle is sounded, the two lights will flash back and forth. The lights will revert back to a steady on state after about five seconds following the release of the whistle key.

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