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Sound Programming

Start by Setting CV 161 to 7 to enable the user-adjustable reverb.

Next, set the Reverb Output Level (CV 162), Reverb Delay Time (CV 163), and Reverb Feedback Level (CV 163) to some nominal initial value. We like to start with the default settings of 128 for CV 162, 255 for CV 163 and 64 for CV 164.

Then determine which sounds you wish to apply the reverb to and set the corresponding Reverb Mixer Send Level CV to some nominal value between 50% to 75% of the original signal (corresponding to a CV setting between 128 and 192). If you are using multiple reverb inputs, each can be set to a different value so that more or less reverb is added to a particular sound effect as desired.

With the default reverb control settings, you should notice a definite amount of reverb added to the sound and can begin making adjustments.

Adjusting CV 162 will vary the amount of reverb’s output signal that is mixed back with the original signal. Remember, in real life, the reflected signals that create the reverberation are usually lower in volume than the original signal so generally, you will want just enough output to notice the effect but not so much as to overwhelm the original signal.

Adjusting CV 163 will vary the delay time corresponding approximately to the extra distance a reflected sound wave needs to travel in order to reach the listener. Thus, the further away a reflecting surface is from the listener, the longer the delay time becomes.

Adjusting CV 164 simulates the effect of multiple sound reflections taking place. When set to 0, only one reflection occurs and this does not make for a very interesting effect (Ordinarily, we would call this an echo but the maximum delay time for Tsunami’s reverb is not long enough for such an effect as might be heard across a mountain range for example.) Increasing CV 164 increases the number of reflections and adds a certain ‘springiness’ to the sound.

Like any sound effect, it is possible to over-adjust a particular setting and create an artificial and unnatural sound. Make adjustments in small steps and let your ears be the judge!

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