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Sound Programming

  • 3.

    Multiply the CV value for Whistle B by 8 and add it to the value for Whistle A.

  • 4.

    Add 128 to the sum computed in step 3 and program this value into CV 115.

Example: Let’s set up the Tsunami Heavy Steam Decoder with an SP 4449 whistle on ‘A’ and an airhorn on ‘B’.

  • 1.

    As noted on the product packaging, the SP 4449 whistle is Whistle 4. From Table K, this is selected with a CV setting of 3.

  • 2.

    Similarly, the SP 4449 horn is Whistle 5 and from Table K, this is selected with a CV setting of 4.

  • 3.

    The CV value from step 2 is multiplied by 8 and added to the CV value from step 1 to get:

35 = ( 4 X 8 ) + 3


Then 35 is added to 128 to get the final value for CV 115:

CV 115 = 35 + 128 = 163

Playable Whistle

Tsunami has a unique feature called a Playable Whistle which allows you to set the whistle for a pressure or position response to an analog control. This could be a pressure-sensitive key, thumbwheel or some other analog control, depending on your command station.

In some cases, each cab must be individually set up to use this feature; you will need to see the documentation that came with your command station for this information, as well as the value to program into CV 47. The default value for CV 47 is 0, which disables the playable whistle function.

Hint: the effect of the playable whistle is greatly enhanced if you enable the Whistle Reverb by setting CV 161 to 1.

Note: Once you’ve programmed the decoder to respond to the playable whistle function, if you switch to different cab not programmed in this manner you will find that F2 and F3 will no longer respond.

Bell Control

By default, Tsunami uses Function F3 to turn the bell on and off. There are two CVs to adjust the bell:

CV 114, Bell Ring Rate CV 130, Bell Volume

Tsunami Steam Sound User’s Guide

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