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Sound Programming

clank volume. Either CV can be set between 0 and 255. See Audio Mixer for more details. If you are installing the Tsunami in a geared engine, you may wish to disable the rod clank by setting CV 135 down to zero.

If you are using the DDE feature, remember that these CVs set the baseline (i.e., zero-load ) volume level so take care not to set either volume level too high or too low as it will limit the range over which the DDE module can make adjustments. For example, if you maximize the exhaust chuff volume with CV 131, the DDE will not be able to increase it further when the engine is subjected to a greater load.

Airpump Control

There are two CVs to adjust the Airpump:

CV 112, Airpump Select Register CV 132, Airpump Volume

Airpump Select Most small and medium sized locomotives had a single airpump while heavy and articulated steam engines often had two airpumps. To select between single or dual airpumps, use Table L to find the proper setting for CV 112 in conjunction with the exhaust control mode (see previous section) you would like to use.

If you are modeling a locomotive that did not have an airpump at all, you can turn the airpump off by setting the volume down to zero.

Airpump Volume CV 135 sets the Airpump volume and may be set between 0 and 255. See Audio Mixer for more details.

Dynamo Configuration

The Dynamo volume is set using CV 133 which may be set to any value between 0 and 255 as discussed under Audio Mixer.

By default, Tsunami Steam decoders map the Dynamo sound control to the Headlight and Backup Light functions. See Function Mapping for information on how to change the Dynamo control over to another function. If you prefer to turn the Dynamo off altogether, you must also reconfigure the headlight and backup light to use a different effect (see Lighting Effects) as the Dyno- Light lighting effect will not turn on when the Dynamo sound is disabled.

Fireman Fred

Fireman ‘Fred’ keeps the engine running by performing a variety of important

Tsunami Steam Sound User’s Guide

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