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Sound Programming

tasks. His most important task is to keep the fire hot by periodically shoveling coal into the firebox. He also has charge of the injectors and the blowers. His routing maintenance includes inspecting the engine at various stops and using the pneumatic grease gun or his oil can, checking the various nuts and bolts, and tightening them as needed with his wrenches. Occasionally, the engine will get the better of him and you will hear the locomotive ‘pop off’.

The Event Probability Generator One of the fun things about Tsunami is the ability to program what we call the ‘Event Probability Generator’. As terrific as Fred is, having him constantly performing all the above tasks can get a bit busy, especially when you have multiple engines and multiple Freds! The Event Probability Generator allows you to set the likelihood that these activities will occur.

Each of the following CVs can be set from 0 to 255 and specifies the probability that the selected sound effect will occur the next time the locomotive is stopped. Setting the CV to 0 disables the sound effect since it has a 0% chance of occurring. Setting the CV to 255 means that the effect will occur every time the locomotive is stopped.

CV 201, Fireman Fred Shovels Coal CV 202, Fireman Fred Fills the Tender with Water CV 203, Fireman Fred Uses His Wrenches CV 204, Fireman Fred Uses His Pneumatic Grease Gun CV 205, Fireman Fred Uses His Oil Can CV 206, Fireman Fred Uses the Injectors CV 207, Fireman Fred Uses the Firebox Blower CV 208, Pop Valve Blowoff

Fred’s Volume Controls Like the Event Probability Generator, there are several volume CVs for the above sound effects. Choose a number between 0 (off) and 255 (maximum volume) for the following CVs.

CV 143, Pop Valve Volume CV 145, Blower Draft Volume CV 146, Water Stop Volume CV 147, Injector Volume CV 148, Fireman Fred’s Shovel Volume CV 149, Fireman Fred’s Wrench Volume CV 150, Fireman Fred’s Oil Can Volume CV 151, Fireman Fred’s Grease Gun Volume

Using the Quiet Mode

Tsunami’s Quiet Mode is used to turn the sound on only after the decoder is placed into service. It will also automatically turn the sound effects off when the decoder is not being used. This is particularly useful when you have a large number of sound equipped engines on your layout and don’t wish to have them turn all at once!

Tsunami Steam Sound User’s Guide

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