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Miscellaneous Features


your train slows down and starts up smoothly. Be sure to pick a braking rate value that’s high enough to bring the train to a smooth stop but not so large that it over runs the length of the braking section and starts up again! See Step 3, ‘Configuring the Throttle’, for more information. Disable Analog Mode. This prevents Tsunami from taking off at full speed when it encounters DC power. Analog mode can be disabled two ways. Program CV 12 (Alternate Power Mode) to 0 or select a proper value for CV 29 where Analog Mode is off. See Step 2 and Table A for selecting the proper value for CV 29.

Now, whenever Tsunami encounters a DC powered section of track it will slow to a stop and wait. Lighting and sound functions will remain on as they where prior to entering the braking section. When DCC power is restored, the decoder will accelerate back to its current throttle setting.

Automatic Sound Functions

Tsunami provides the ability to generate several sound functions automatically. This is especially useful when your controller lacks a sufficient number of function keys to control all of Tsunami’s sound effects or when using Tsunami on a (DC powered) where there are no function controls at all!

There are six CVs associated with the Automatic Sound Functions:

CV 193, Automatic Bell On Set Point CV 194, Automatic Bell Off Set Point CV 195, Grade Crossing Whistle Sensitivity CV 196. Brake Squeal Sensitivity CV 197, Analog Mode Automatic Sound Configuration CV 198, Digital Mode Automatic Sound Configuration

Automatic Sound Configuration Register CV 197 selects which automatic sound functions are enabled when the decoder is operating in analog or DC mode. CV 198 similarly configures the automated sound functions for DCC operation.

There are five automated sound functions available:

Automatic Whistle Signals - Whenever the locomotive is stopped or started, Tsunami will produce the correct whistle signal appropriate for the direction of travel:

One short toot = Stop Two Medium Toots = Forward Three Short Toots = Reverse

Automatic Grade Crossing Signal - When enabled, Tsunami will play a grade crossing signal (two long whistle blasts followed by a short and another long) triggered by a sudden upward spike in the throttle.

Tsunami Steam Sound User’s Guide

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