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Miscellaneous Features

Automatic Bell - Tsunami can be programmed to turn the bell on and off at preset speed points such as might occur when passing through a yard or station platform.

Automatic Steam Release - This feature causes a short steam release to sound whenever Tsunami is brought to a stop.

Automatic Brake Squeal - The brake squeal is activated by slowing the train down by a predetermined amount.

These functions may be enabled by referring to Table M below and circling the numbers corresponding to the sound function you want to enable. Then add up the circled numbers and program this value into CV 197 (analog mode) and or CV 198 (DCC mode). You can configure Tsunami so some or all automated sounds work in one mode and not the other in any combination as needed.

Automatic Steam Blowdown

Automatic Brake Squeal

Automatic Bell Enable

Automatic Whistle Signal

Automatic Grade Crossing Enabled






Table M. Automatic Sound Function Enable CV 197 (Analog Mode) or CV 198 (DCC Mode) Suggested Settings

Then go on to set CVs 193-196 to fine tune the operation of each enabled function.

Automatic Bell Set Points CV 193 and 194 determine the speed steps (or equivalent throttle voltages when operating in analog mode) at which the automatic bell turns on and off respectively and may be set anywhere between 1 and 126 corresponding to the speed step of the same value. CV 194, the bell off set point, must be set to a value greater than CV 193 or else the bell will not turn on.

Example: Set CV 193 to 5 and CV 194 to 10. With these settings the bell will initially be off when the engine is stopped. As the locomotive speed is increased, the bell will turn on once the throttle setting reaches speed step 5. The bell will remain on so long as the engine is operated between speed steps 5 and 10. Increasing the throttle beyond speed step 10 or below speed step 5 will turn the bell back off. Once the bell has been turned off, it can be turned back on by lowering the speed to the same setting as in CV 193.

Crossing Whistle Sensitivity The automatic grade crossing whistle is activated whenever Tsunami senses a sudden increase in the throttle setting (or track voltage in analog mode) as set by the value in CV 195. This CV can be set to any value between 0 and 126 but for practical purposes, you will likely want a value between 3 and 10. Too low a setting will result in the whistle going off at every speed increase and too high a setting will require an extreme change in the throttle to trigger the sound.

Tsunami Steam Sound User’s Guide

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